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Changeling -- Part V

Los Angeles Times file photo

The Northcott ranch. Notice the stop sign used as a precursor to crime scene tape.
Los Angeles Times file photo

Detectives find a gun and an ax in the Northcott home in Los Angeles, but cannot link them to the killings.
Los Angeles Times file photo

Gordon Northcott
Los Angeles Times file photo

Sanford Clark showing Deputies Sepulveda, Mendoza and Ybarra the direction taken from Mint Canyon cabin by Gordon Northcott when the latter told Clark, according to his story, that he was going to visit a mine where Northcott says he aided a miner slay his partner.
Los Angeles Times file photo

Gordon Stewart Northcott points with a pencil to a chicken house at his ranch where the state contends one of his alleged boy victims was slain. Undersheriff Rayburn, left, and Deputy Brown, right, keep him closely guarded as the trial jury inspects the ranch.
Los Angeles Times file photo

Sheriff Clem Sweeters, left, and Deputy Bob Bailey, foreground, watch a trusty dig for bodies on the Northcott ranch.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Investigators dig in the desert in a search for Northcott's victims.
Los Angeles Times file photo

Deputy J.R. Quinn and Sheriff Clem Sweeters with items recovered at the ranch.

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Comments (9)

STOP sign in driveway is an So.Cal.Auto Club made sign, sure wish I had it for my Auto Club sign collection...

Whatever happened to Sanford Clark?

i love changeling so much! it made me cry... i recommend this movie to everyone

Wasn't Northcott psychoanalysed by specialists when he was in prison ?

With the technology we have today, has anyone tried to go back to the farm and attempt to locate remains?

what about Sanford, could he not have told them whether or not they caught the boys who ran away (as per in the movie)when the boy who did get away and came home years later, told the authorities that one boy was walter collins who ran back and helped him because he was caught on the fence? Sanford and his Uncle jumped in the truck to go try catch them...did they ever catch those boys with one being Walter Collins?

Also did they ever dig up the whole farm yard to see if there were anymore bodies? Was every article they found shown to Walter Collins mother to see if she recognized anything!?

I live about 3 miles away from this location, now Mira Loma. I watched the movie changeling and it was good but the book is even better. It's called: The Road Out of Hell; Sanford Clark and the true story of the wineville murders. This is the untold story behind the movie changeling. I recommend it.

The movie is based on true events but the true story is nothing like it. Read the Book!!!!!


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