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Reporter: Ed Guthman, August 22, 1965

September 1, 2008 | 11:51 am

Ed Guthman on the aftermath of the Watts Riots

Aug. 22, 1965--The late Ed Guthman writes in the aftermath of the Watts Riots:

"We have all seen enough to know we must make it possible for whites and Negroes to live in a large city in peace and human dignity or this city and this nation are for a very difficult and costly time."
Essays on the Watts Riots, 1965

Also in The Times Opinion pages: Theodore White writes, "What the four-day festival of hate taught was that too much current American thinking on civil rights, as they apply to our great cities, is dogma--and dogma so far out of touch with reality as to touch on absurdity."

And Robert Richardson's first-person piece
: "My legs are knocked out from under me, and my face is going straight to the pavement. I start to protest, but a knee goes into my back and my mouth opens in a cry of pain.

"Suddenly, my hands are behind my back -- handcuffed."