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PBS host says career women are 'monsters,' September 9, 1958

September 9, 2008 |  5:10 am

PBS host offers views on American women


Alistair Cooke: The career woman " is a monster ... the supreme escapist from the role of being a woman. I'm not talking about the working wife whose job supplements the family income. I think the difference in the two is in happiness. I never met a happy career woman."

There are times when these old articles take my breath away -- and this is one of those times. In-cred-i-ble.

But wait, there's more ... At left, Eddie Fisher denies rumors of a romance with Elizabeth Taylor. He says they are just good friends ... Brigitte Bardot plans to marry guitarist Sacha Distel ... An LAPD officer searching for a 33-year-old escapee shoots a 14-year-old boy in the back by mistake.

Times columnist Gene Sherman (sorry, I previously credited Gene Blake) says this month's Better Mottoes Assn. winner is: "Are you working on the solution or are you part of the problem?"

The Army confirms that satellites will be used to photograph the Earth for "weather data."