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Paul Newman, 1925-2008

Jan. 30, 1958
Los Angeles

Update: This was an entry I did in January for the 50th wedding anniversary of Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman. I'm reposting it after learning that Newman has died.

Recognize these young movie stars? I read about lots of Hollywood marriages as I go through the old papers--and even more Hollywood divorces. So as Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward celebrate their 50th anniversary, I thought I'd run a few pictures from the early days.





Los Angeles Times file photograph

Woodward and Newman in "The Long, Hot Summer," 1958.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Newman (reviewing the script of "Rally Round the Flag, Boys") and Woodward at home, November 1958.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Newman and Woodward--isn't this a great picture? (Even though it's unidentified). A reader tells me this is a scene in "From the Terrace."

Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

Woodward and Newman arrive for the 1962 Academy Awards, when he was a nominee for his role in "The Hustler."

Photograph by R.O. Oliver / Los Angeles Times

Woodward and Newman at the funeral of Jerry Wald, producer of "The Long, Hot Summer," 1962.

Photograph by Fitzgerald Whitney / Los Angeles Times

Newman and Woodward arrive for the 1969 Academy Awards,  when "Rachel, Rachel" (produced by Newman) was a contender for best picture and Woodward was nominated for best actress.

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Comments (28)

Thanks for re-posting these great photos. Paul Newman was a great actor and he and Joanne made a wonderful couple. I have always loved Newman's comment about adultery. He said "Why would I go out for hamburger when I have steak at home?" He was a class act to the end.

Thank you for this very beautiful and lovely posting of Paul and Joanne.

Wonderful photos of a great family!

Wonderful photos!

How sad to see him gone.

Rest in peace, you have earned your place in heaven 100 times over. The world needs more good souls like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Newman. We will love you forever Paul -
My deepest and most sincere condolense to Joanne and all that loved Paul -
he will be missed
rest in peace my friend

Thank you for reposting this. I am heartbroken at the news of Mr. Newman's death. Although, he was a celebrated and talented actor, he will be remembered for the impact he made in the lives of others. His generosity to charity and his humility are legendary. He will continue to be a role model in death as he was in life. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Thank you Joanne and Paul Newman for the lives you have crafted and the example you set with your long and loving marriage and tradition of philanthropy. It has been wonderful to admire celebrities from afar not primarily for their talents or beauty, but for their exemplary character. My heart goes out to you today, Mrs. Newman.

lots of love for Paul and Joanne.
May theis example enlight some other young couple.

Very sad. A great actor and a nice guy.

A truly great man that touched everyone he came into contact with. He never took himself that seriously but had a lust for life that was evident in everything he did. Will be sadly missed all over the world.


Thank you Paul. You are one of the greatest actors and greatest persons. You will be missed all many many people around the world.

sad :-( really makes u think that the time u spend on this earth is a gift and is precious. i wish he had even more time to continue to do great things.

An exemplary role model.

My heart goes out to Joanne on this sad occasion. What a wonderful couple they were!!! So sad to lose Paul.

Nancy Hall,
Shelbyville, Illinois

A life well lived. We have lost one of the greats.

To the memory of an icon and the condolences to the most amazing lady who helped make Paul Newman so spectacular. An unforgettable era has officially ended. They do not make men like Paul Newman anymore and my heart truly breaks for Mrs. Joanne Newman and his entire family. I know how my heart feels broken and I only new of him. God Bless Paul Newman and may he be forever be remembered and spoke of and respected.

This was such a great man. To me, there is a such a sad and noticeable loss in the world without him. I will miss Paul Newman very much and everyday. My condolences to his family, especially lovely Joanne, and everyone who loves him like I do. Thanks for being such a great role model Paul. One day, I know we'll all see you again.

I'm searching desperately for an address to post a message to Ms Woodward to let her know how much I'm shocked at the death of Mr Newman. Could you kindly pass this message on if at all possible. "Dear Ms Woodward-Newman, I greatly admire both you and Mr Newman, if for nothing more, the fact that you honoured your marriage, something that few people today respect. Yes he had those electric blue eyes that no-one seeing them could help being but being drawn to. I admire both of you for your unselfish donations to people less well off than yourselves. He has left a legacy of self-respect, faithfulness and a great actor/human as well. My thoughts are with you right now and you will be stronger with the knowledge that everyone in the UK with something to say about the death of your husband, has something good to say.
With my sincere sympathies.
Anne Powell-Linehan

will miss him - even though I am much younger - loved his classic movies from the 50's and 60's.

To the Newman family, I say thanks for sharing Paul. The opportunity to get to know him will forever be a memory carved in stone.

I consider Paul to be one of my life mentors. He was a good human and humanitarian who set the stage for giving and humbleness.

God Bless the entire and extended Newman family.

There only two people that I wanted to meet in person in my life, one was the late Pope John and Paul Newman was the other. Unfortunately, I did meet either here, but I hope to meet them both in heaven above. Paul was the most beautiful man inside and out and I will miss him. But I know he left his family more happy memories that a family could have.


The people will always love you .You were like a beacon in the night and i am greatful for the time you were on this earth. Ther are lots and lots of people whos lives youve touched by just being you, thank you for that. regards from sweden

Paul Newman "got it." Most actors nowadays don't have a clue. They haven't honed the craft of HUMANITY, let alone acting. God bless your generous heart and spirit, Paul Newman! You were a class act in every regard.

I will never forget reading an article about Paul Newman decades ago. The interview included a question about his devotion to Joanne Woodward and he said, "Why to out for hamburger when you have steak at home." I have never forgotten that quote!



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