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Movie star mystery photo

September 1, 2008 |  8:00 am



Los Angeles Times file photo
OK, who are they?

Of course, it's Mickey Rooney on the left. His boxing partner is Art Aragon, as guessed by Kip Brown (who thought it might have been Mickey Knox), Howard Decker, Michael Ryerson and Lee Rivas. Information on the back of the photo says this is a scene from "Military Policemen" (also known as "Off Limits"). The date is difficult to read, but appears to be Jan. 29, 1953. Nice guessing, folks!


Update: This woman is not Veda Ann Borg. Her photo was placed in that file by mistake. Any ideas?
Who is eating dinner with the Reagans? And who is the Reagans' mystery dinner companion?

Hint: Hoosier hoopster. NBA. Now ask yourself, does this gent look like an athlete? Someone said something about the Pacers.... You're red hot!