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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Los Angeles broadcaster -- George Putnam

George Putnam, 1914 - 2008


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Comments (6)

George Putnam was a Red Baiting SOB, and we sure as hell need more like him.

Whew, things are pretty surreal when the first time you learn of breaking news--George Putnam's death this morning--is through reading a blog devoted to L.A.'s history.

George was a true Americal Icon. He will be missed!

George Putnam, Jerry Dunphy and Vin Scully were probably the best known voices in post-war LA. Now now only Vin is left.

Mr. Putnam's stentorian tones always seemed the height of pomposity. Ted Knight's character on the Marry T. Moore show was a perfect send up.

Until I read his obituary yesterday, I had no idea who the man was underneath. Now I am aware that he had a very big heart and a social conscience as deep as his voice.

Wonder what he thought of 'Ted Baxter'?

He wasn't as bad as Joe Pyne. That's the best I can say about him.


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