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Dodger struck with ball, September 17, 1958

Snider hurt; L.A. loses 2

Duke hit by line drive, may miss rest of season.


Above, Lawrence Welk in stereo with "Swinging Pete Fountain," the clarinetist who once said "Champagne and Bourbon Street don't mix." 

1958_september_17_sports By Keith Thursby
Times staff writer

Scary moment for Duke Snider and the Dodgers. Snider was on third base in the fifth inning of the Dodgers' game at Cincinnati when he was struck by a line drive hit by his teammate, Frank Howard.

The Times' Frank Finch wrote that the ball "struck Snider's right shoulder and then his right ear a glancing blow, dropping him as though he'd be shot by an elephant gun."

Snider was taken to the hospital but was able to speak to reporters first. Finch noted that "although he'd escaped serious injury--even death--by inches, the dapper Snider insisted on showering before he was driven to the hospital."

"I saw the ball coming off Howard's bat and I tried to duck into it so that I would take the blow off my plastic helmet," Snider said. "Boy, he really hit that one."

The game was the nightcap of a doubleheader. The Dodgers lost both games.

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Comments (2)

Lawrence Welk's music in stereo, would it be twice as emotionless?

Once was invited to stay in Mr. Welk's Escondido mobile home while making a short film for his show. A different book about Lawrence Welk was strategically placed in every room.

The man behind Welk's television success was Don Fedderson. Fedderson produced 'The Millionaire' and 'My Three Sons' . He had a touch for non-threatening and overly wholesome TV.

Braven Dyer's column extolled the virtues of Jon Arnett (Rams) who as I recall played at Manual Arts High School. Could of, should of, also given Hugh McElhenny (49ers) who played at Washington High School a few plaudits as well. I was pretty disturbed to see that Merlin Olson was born 09/15/40 making me one week older than him - distressing news that.


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