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US relaxes immigration law for Jewish refugees, Greenberg leads Babe Ruth, August 29, 1938

August 29, 2008 |  5:28 am
Sheriff guards Trojans' trophies

I've never made a scientific survey, but it wouldn't surprise me if Eugene Biscailuz were the most photographed sheriff in the history of Los Angeles County. The man certainly knew how to get his picture in the paper. The trophy is being held by USC low-hurdle star Earl Vickery, left, and pole valuter Kenny Dills. 
US relaxes immigration laws to accept Jewish refugees
Greenberg leads Ruth in home runs
At left, the U.S. is accepting Jewish refugees from Europe at the rate of 100 a day. The AP story notes that the refugees have no money but are being assisted by Jewish aid groups.

Also note: Germany's Catholic bishops denounce the Nazis, though not by name. The bishops say all Catholic books are censored, banned or confiscated. 

African Americans in sports

Above, if you look hard enough you really can find African Americans in The Times.

In sports, the Angels beat the Stars in the final double-header of the "Civil War series" ... Hank Greenberg hits his 45th homer of the season as Detroit wins against Boston, 4-3 ... Greenberg's run in the Tigers' 118th/119th game puts him ahead of Babe Ruth's 1927 season, when Ruth had hit 39 runs in 118 games.