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Police pose as reporters to evict woman, baseball players fight on airplane; August 6, 1958

August 6, 2008 |  7:27 am

Jazz legend Ziggy Elman vanishes from his Valley home after an argument with his wife ... over a chicken sandwich!

Robbers smash a jewelry store window and steal gems valued at up to $1 million ($7,287,702.23 USD 2007) after throwing a smoke bomb through the front door. The owner calls it a professional, well-planned job ... Five deputies disguised as reporters trick Mrs. Lomie Puckett into leaving her home, which is bulldozed immediately to make way for the Golden State Freeway ... Note: Ziggy Elman turned up playing at a Long Beach jazz club as if nothing was wrong--he just happened to be calling himself Red Nichols.

Dusty Rhodes and Joe Margoneri get into a fight aboard a Western Air Lines plane en route from Portland to Phoenix. The Phoenix Giants teammates were ordered off the plane during a stop in San Francisco. Both had been drinking heavily, a flight attendant said.  And the Cards beat the Dodgers, 13-3.