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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Movie star photo mystery

Los Angeles Times file photo

Who is this week's star? Hint: She's was better known on the stage than in pictures.

Los Angeles Times file photo

No correct guesses so far. Here's another clew.

Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

And another clew. Isn't that a great railing?

2008_0714_mystery_picture_2 About this mystery picture. Nobody guessed who the artist was, so here it is for another 15 minutes of fame. There were some great guesses but, alas, none of them was right.

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Comments (27)

Another stab from the shadows... There is a resemblence to Stella Adler, the first lady of Yiddish Theatre and master acting teacher later in her career.

Could it be?

could two of the actors (besides Micky) be Rudy Valley and Ralph Bellamy, sorry I can't indentify the fourthe one.



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