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Movie star photo mystery

Los Angeles Times file photo

Who is this week's star? Hint: She's was better known on the stage than in pictures.

Los Angeles Times file photo

No correct guesses so far. Here's another clew.

Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

And another clew. Isn't that a great railing?

2008_0714_mystery_picture_2 About this mystery picture. Nobody guessed who the artist was, so here it is for another 15 minutes of fame. There were some great guesses but, alas, none of them was right.

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Comments (27)

So, I'm just wondering about the August 6, 1938 reference to the "unknown movie star" in the article about 7 bathing beauties. Two people thought it was Gwen Verdon, but Claire James was Miss Hollywood in 1938 and was in a number of movies in the 1940s.

Is today's Mystery Movie Star Judith Wood?

Helen Hayes?

Mrs. McArthur, Helen Hays?

How 'bout Ethel Merman?

Is the picture of the movie star who is better known for stage work Mae West?

Is the dog portrait painted by Doris Day?

It is Billie Burke, wife of Broadway showman Florenz Ziegfeld?

OK. For the dog painting, was it done by Phyllis Diller? I know she likes to paint, and this doggie picture is fairly wack.

Is the star Mary Martin?

Marilyn Miller?

Aline MacMahon of "Once in a Lifetime"?

Fanny Brice ?

Ina Claire?

Una Merkel?

Marion Davies, William Randolph Hearst's long-time mistress

A photo of Betty Hutton?

Is it Jeanne Eagles?

ugh! the dog painting! I know its not Xavier Cugat because he painted characatures... Did anyone suggest Edward G Robinson yet? Or Vincent Price?

Wow, some of these guesses are not even in the same era as some of the people they're naming!!

Looks like the 30s guys.

Peggy Conkln / Eleanor Schwank

Eva Tanguay?

Monica Bannister

I'll make another stab at this: is it Peggy Wood?

The dog?
I think that only Zsa Zsa Gabor could do something of the artistic merit.

Funny, my initial instinct was Zsa Zsa Gabor, but I think that's only because she resembles the dog in the painting!



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