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Movie star mystery photo


Can you guess the identities of our mystery Hollywood movie star and his golf partners
Los Angeles Times file photo
OK, who is this foursome on the golf course? (Sorry about the crack in the emulsion. The Times' library used to fold the big prints in half before putting them in envelopes -- verrry annoying).

Second from left, Mickey Rooney (Alexa Foreman). Absolutely. Let's see how people do with the other three....

Here's a hint: Rooney is the only actor in the foursome. The other three are golfers, all of them covered by The Times in the 1940s and '50s.

Update: Because it's Friday and this isn't a golf blog, I'll tell you one of the names. The man to the left of Mickey Rooney is Bob Unthank.

Update 2: Because it's Saturday and this isn't a golf blog, I'll tell you another name. The man on the right is Foster McMullen, who competed in local tournaments in the 1940s and '50s.

Update 3: Because it's Sunday and this isn't a golf blog, I'll tell you the last name. The man to the right of Mickey Rooney is Bob Rosburg.

Can you guess the identities of our mystery Hollywood movie stars

Here's our most recent mystery guest.... Still stumping the panel!

Hint: This woman was married to a member of a comedy team in real life and in film, but not the same man.

Update: Although she was married to a famous comedian of the 1920s and '30s, she never appeared in a film with him, although they often performed together on stage. Her film husband was one of America's top movie comedians.

Update: Here's another picture of the mystery woman.... Somebody was getting warm in guessing her film husband was Oliver Hardy. 
Can you guess the identities of our mystery Hollywood movie stars

And this fellow is still a mystery. Hint: Vanity of vanities ... deadly vanities.   

Update: Not Earl Carroll (I wouldn't make it that obvious), but you're on the right track.  Curiously enough, this man is NOT listed in imdb for the film that brought him to Hollywood. If he were, that would give him a fifth entry.

Update: Yes, he was brought to Hollywood for "Murder at the Vanities."   

Update: Let me make this perfectly clear. Our mystery guest was brought to Hollywood to appear in "Murder at the Vanities." However he does NOT-NOT-NOT (unlike Carl Brisson) appear in the imdb listing for the movie. Ergo, he is not Carl Brisson. It's a good guess. But I try to select mystery photos that can't be solved with imdb. Too easy. To make it even more difficult, his credit in the Broadway production misspells his name so he's even harder to find. 
Can you guess the identities of our mystery Hollywood movie stars

And who is our mystery artist?

Hint: This painting was done by an angel. If you are a regular Daily Mirror reader, you have seen the posts on the artist.

Answered by Nathan Marsak: Actress Gail Russell, star of "The Angel and the Badman."  Congratulations, Nathan!

Below left, the signature of Gail Russell. I would like to thank Jackie Lugo of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for the picture of Russell's painting. After Russell died, her brother gave the painting to Johnny Grant. Upon Grant's death, the picture passed to Lugo.

I have no idea how many other Gail Russell paintings there are. I suspect not too many.

Who is eating dinner with the Reagans? And who is the Reagans' mystery dinner companion?

Hint: Hoosier hoopster. NBA.
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Comments (73)

"Vanity of vanities", eh...could that be a hint that the swell-lookin' gent in the photo is Earl Carroll?

Is the dog painting by Constance Bennett?

Wavy haired guy--Max Factor Jr.?

Not Earl Carroll? Is it Nils Thor Granlund?

Frederick Brisson???

Painting by Della Reese?

With the Reagans--Bobby Knight?

Dog painting done by Michael Landon?

Mystery artist: Jeanette MacDonald.

Could it be the dog was painted by one time art student Farrah Fawcett?

The dog painting must have been a self-portrait.

This is a trick question, with a very simple solution. Top to bottom

They're ALL Lon Chaney.

You out did yourself on this one, Larry!!

Artist = Hayley Mills?

This is like stumbling around in the dark. Whatever happened to the periodic checkoff list of 'I'm afraid not, alas no, no it isn't, try again, interesting guess but no'? I can guess that you're a busy man but really this is not nearly as interesting.

The dog painting was by Angie Dickinson

Our wavy-haired smirker: crooner Russ Colombo?

wavy haired man=Leslie Howard

The actress with the leopard is "The ever-popular Mae Busch".

Carl Brisson? E. Lloyd Sheldon? Or somebody no one today ever heard of who was connected with the movie Murder At The Vanties?

Have GOT to stop banging my head against that wall!
Is the blond gent CARL Brisson, father of Freddie?

Is the artist James Mason?

Reagans with Slick Leonard or Ron Horn?

The dude on Mickey Rooney's left is Byron Nelson.

Painting by Henry Travers?



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