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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Dodgers win in ninth: Aug. 2, 1958


1958_0802_garand02 Take a look at the little arsenal you could make for yourself 50 years ago. An M-1 Garand for $125 ($910/96 USD 2007). You could probably pick up half a dozen Victory Model Smith & Wesson .38s while you were at it.


Above, the U.S. Embassy demands the release of two Marines being held by Iraq.  


Dodgers win in the ninth over the Reds. Read the jump page below.

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I haven't been able to identify any mystery photos lately but isn't that Raquel Welch on the right in the photo with the horse.

That's also a young Raquel Welch in the white bathing suit...

I second that: Tejada was her maiden name, and she was doing the San Diego-area beauty pageant scene around this time.

Aspects of the old west still cling to Los Angeles. Others have pointed out that the LAPD at least as far as the Fifties, still affected the ideal of the cowboy hero.

Just realized that Raymond Chandler settled in Los Angeles when values of the real old west were still evident. He had a chance to see the love for guns, violence, and vigilantes spill over into the crime filled world of the thirties.

Los Angeles is an amazing place, in the psyche as well as under the smog baked skies.

"I LOVE L.A." (But live in San Francisco, for the perspective).

It`s Raquel...and it`s not even debatable!

She turned 18 that year...born Jo Raquel Tejada...raised in SD....won at least 6 beauty contests prior to 1959...and, it looks exactly like her!

Within a few short years, Raquel Welch would be the billboard girl on Nick Vanoff's superb series, 'The Hollywood Palace'. 'Palace' was the high point in television variety shows, far surpassing the awkwardness of 'Ed Sullivan'.

Then again, Sullivan didn't have Raquel Welch, did he?

Two little knows about 'Palace': (1) It was quickly created to fill a vacuum left by the mega-flop of 'The Jerry Lewis Show'; and (2) Raquel Welch was the only one to appear on each show. The show had different star hosts and acts every week.

- Arye (Leslie) Michael Bender


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