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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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July 30, 1938



Dropcap_t_1933 he search is on for a candidate to face Mayor Frank Shaw in the recall election. The Times story mentions Councilman Stephen W. Cunningham, but more important, it says that Judge Fletcher Bowron and Supervisor John Anson Ford "have indicated their unwillingness to enter the race."

Also note the story about the Police Department establishing a sex crimes unit and pay particular attention to the comment that "a psychiatric examination will be made of all sex offenders with the object of recommending to the court the proper correctional as well as the punitive procedure for their rehabilitation."

If you know anything about LAPD history, you are going to think of Dr. Joseph Paul De River, the police psychiatrist and author of several books, including "The Sexual Criminal." De River interviewed virtually every sex criminal in Los Angeles and played a role in the Black Dahlia case.

At left, there are some wonderful details about early Los Angeles in a story about the retirement of city Treasurer Ned T. Powell.

And scaffolding is removed from Union Station.

Below, a 300-pound burlesque queen.
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My mother-in-law, Virginia Ulm, and her mother, Ruth Ulm, lived with Mr. Powell during the depression years. She says that he was a southern gentelman and a stickler for good manners. She gave me a copy of "Gone With The Wind' that had belonged to him. He has signed the first page and written an address, 1035 W. 17 St, Los Angeles, California. It must have been his home. Glad to read the artical on him, quite interesting. Thankyou


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