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June 9, 1938

June 9, 2008 |  6:30 am
Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

Special prosecutor Joseph Fainer, left, Deputy Paul Casey and George Sakalis, a key witness in the trial of Police Capt. Earle Kynette in the Harry Raymond bombing. Because of the attempts to intimidate Sakalis against testifying, Casey had been assigned to guard him, The Times said.
Dropcap_a_2 bove and at left, witness George Sakalis, who was waiting to testify in the Earle Kynette trial.

Also note the story about Jon Hall, whose nose was sliced open with a knife in 1944 during a fight with Tommy Dorsey on a second-floor balcony at 1220 Sunset Plaza Drive. That brawl involved Allen Smiley, who happened to be sitting on a sofa with Bugsy Siegel when something rather unfortunate happened in 1947 (hint: it involved an M-1 carbine). 

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