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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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June 30, 1938


Rodney "Gipsy" (or "Gypsy") Smith, famous evangelist, takes a wife. He died in 1947 while sailing from England to New York on the Queen Mary. He was 87.

Dropcap_l_1928_02 APD "squadmen" (now there's an interesting coinage) are questioned before a police board of rights on allegations that they obstructed the investigation of the Harry Raymond bombing. The first three officers to testify say that they refused to answer questions because they considered themselves under technical arrest and acted upon the advice of their attorneys.

Also, the tale of an oft-married woodcarver charged with bigamy, a progress report on fundraising for Jewish relief and an oil painting of Mayor Frank Shaw is to be presented at City Hall. I wonder where it is now. 
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