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June 27, 1908

June 27, 2008 |  7:56 am

Dropcap_l_napoleonong ago, I lost track of how many highway maps The Times has run over the years. Here is yet another one, giving us a trifecta with the map from Ed Ainsworth's traffic series of 1938 and the one that appeared with Ray Hebert's 1958 update.

Even a casual glance shows the beginnings of what we know a century later as the freeway system: It's easy to pick out what will become the Santa Monica and Foothill Freeways, the Golden State and the Pasadena.

At left, The Times' Harry Carr files a story on Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan.
This will give you an idea of the style of political coverage 100 years ago--and these are just samples of Carr's critical, dismissive piece:

"There is something peculiarly shifty and, to me, untrustworthy, in his face. His personality is agreeable but I don't feel that compelling quality of charm manifested by so many big men....

"As you interview him, you can't screw your imagination up to seeing the man as president of the United States. You can't see him negotiating treaties with great nations, compelling peace conferences and naming Cabinet officers."

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