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June 16, 1908


Boxing at Chutes Park during the visit of the Great White Fleet, about April 20, 1908.


Dropcap_c_1934 hutes Park is not the sort of place where responsible parents want their children. Not only does it have boxing, above, there is dancing. The Sunday Rest League and Councilman Lyon have begun a "purity campaign" that would ban minors younger than 18--especially girls--from public dances unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian, The Times says.

"Sunday night I went to the Chutes grounds myself to see what kind of a place is conducted there. I saw a dance in the open where the dancers went to the tables and drank liquor between dances. I never saw a worse dance on the Barbary Coast. Among the dancers were two girls not more than 12 years old. They were dancing with 'roughnecks' and some of the toughest characters in town," Councilman Lyon says.

There has been no clamor for coverage of the 1908 Republican National Convention, so I'll skip the matter (political pundits, please note the perishable nature of your labors).

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