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June 12, 1908

June 12, 2008 |  4:58 am

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Dropcap_y_1887 ou may (or may not) be wondering why the unfortunate Edson S. Fancher, at left, was sprinkling the street when he had an encounter with a streetcar at Darwin and Avenue 20 (see above). I would presume that this was to keep the dust down because the street was unpaved. I always find it startling to see the early photographs of Broadway with some of the same familiar buildings and dirt streets. (Bonus factoid: The home at 1929 Darwin Ave. was built in 1903, according to Zillow and Property Shark.)

Also: Henrietta Brown has no interest in young British nobles traversing America in search of adventure ... Salvador Malacara, formerly a tax collector in Mexico, is arrested at 114 N. Hope on charges of "extensive monetary irregularities" ... Two employment agents are charged with fraud for taking money from prospective workers in exchange for nonexistent agricultural jobs in the Imperial Valley ... And a police officer shoots an African American man who stole a hat from a store and threw rocks at the officer when he was ordered to stop running.

Speaking of Broadway, it was my great pleasure to hear Bob Mitchell at the organ of the Orpheum Theatre last night before the showing of "Goldfinger" in the L.A. Conservancy's Last Remaining Seats series.
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