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June 10, 1908

June 10, 2008 |  3:45 am



Dropcap_n_1888_2 ow this is what I'd call an extremely gray page. Even electronic "zipotone" doesn't help much. But what great stories....

First of all, Mrs. D.C. Caloo is freed after being held as a prisoner at 732 W. 9th St. by Edna D. Wilkins. Caloo's husband and a sheriff's deputy went to the home in search of Mrs. Caloo. When Wilkins refused to admit them to the home, the deputy went around back, where he saw Mrs. Caloo standing at a second-story window. The deputy climbed up a back porch, got into Caloo's room and broke down the door to free her. Mrs. Caloo is insane, according to Wilkins, who was holding her to settle a debt, The Times said.

And there's a story about the "bedroom lobby" planned for next week's Republican National Convention in Chicago to be staged by delegates' wives to ensure that there will be a plank for women's suffrage.

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