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Mystery photo

May 12, 2008 |  9:00 am


Los Angeles Times file photo

OK, who are they?

2008_0512_mystery_detail Notice Reagan's clenched right hand as he puts his arm around Mystery Woman No. 1 -- no fooling around with this boy.
  • Everybody recognizes Ronald Reagan. The two women are more problematic.
  • Lucille Barkley and Diana Lynn (not Wanda Hendrix)?  (Michael Goosman). Excellent guess. Mystery woman No. 1 is Lucille "Arizona Manhunt" Barkley. The photo, dated June 27, 1950, was taken of a parade for the Pasadena premiere of an unidentified movie. According to caption information on the back of the photo, the woman on the right is Wanda Hendrix.

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