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May 9, 1958


Above, a mother who claimed she strangled her 2-year-old son when he actually died of pneumonia drives up to Mulholland and kills herself ... Below, a Peruvian mob blocks Vice President Nixon as he tries to enter the gates of San Marcos University. Students spit on Nixon and pelted him with rocks, The Times said. Nixon didn't lose his temper until he learned that students tore an American flag from a wreath he left at the statue of San Martin, the paper says. The vice president also visited a Catholic university where he found students more receptive but also encountered further protests charging that America supported Latin American dictatorships.


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Comments (2)

I have the Herald-Express with a little bit better headline....

"Nixon Stoned in Peru"

Of course by 1958 standards, you had to be a filthy Godless communist in order to not like Richard Nixon.

Fifteen years later, anyone could see the truth.

Amazing that it took that long!


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