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May 8, 1938

May 8, 2008 |  7:58 am


Above, an arresting and perhaps inflammatory title for a book that's fairly obscure today. It appears to have been written by a Swedish Christian who advocated assimilation ... The book also appears to have evoked a response from Rabbi Stephen S. Wise. Below, police chemist Ray Pinker--who figured in the 1947 Black Dahlia case--is under police guard because of his testimony in the Earle Kynette trial ... The warden of the Nebraska penitentiary gives $5 to inmates serving 10 years or longer so they can send flowers for Mother's Day--plus paper and a stamped envelope so the inmates can write letters to their moms.

Quote of the Day: "I am certain that for Rome as well as Germany there will result a future that will be glorious as well as prosperous." --Adolf Hitler, sealing Germany's alliance with Italy during a visit to Rome


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