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May 26. 1938

May 26, 2008 |  8:27 am

Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

Harry Raymond testifies about his injuries from the bomb placed in his car, in a photo dated April 30, 1938.



Police Capt. Earle Kynette insists that he is being framed as he argues with Deputy Dist. Atty. Eugene Williams over the transcript of an Oct. 3, 1937, conversation recorded by the LAPD between Clifford Clinton, Dave Hutton Jr. and Hutton's wife.

Clinton sounds like he's honest: "She has to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth..."

But the names he throws around must have scared City Hall: Joe Shaw and Guy McAfee.

Clinton says: "Joe Shaw is with the administration. Joe Shaw runs our city. Joe Shaw is the mayor's brother, you see, and is the mayor's secretary, who watches. Handles the mayor's--that particular stuff as he does the city government. It's one and the same thing. Most of these things that are--work right out of the mayor's office."

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