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May 25, 1938

May 25, 2008 |  8:36 am

Photograph by Andrew H. Arnott / The Los Angeles Times

Attorney Joe Fainer, left, and police chemist Ray Pinker examine pieces of Harry Raymond's bombed-out car in a photo dated May 6, 1938.



Police Capt. Earle Kynette testifies in the Harry Raymond bombing, saying that police chemist Ray Pinker didn't find detonator wire while searching Kynette's garage. It's ordinary bell wire, Kynette says.

Kynette also attempts to link Raymond to a series of notorious Los Angeles killings, including the deaths of Harry "Mile Away" Thomas and George "Les" Bruneman.

Also on the cover, Max Baer Jr. is recovering from pneumonia--in fact he will live to play Jethro Bodine in "The Beverly Hillbillies."

George Thompson of Beacon, N.Y., is given a six-month suspended sentence for spanking his daughter Loretta because she stayed out past midnight. Loretta is 34 years old.

And Republican Assemblyman William B. Hornblower of San Francsico is accused of accepting $2,500 ($35,748.84 USD 2007) to kill a bill that would have closed Monterey Bay to commercial fishing.

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