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May 22, 1908

May 22, 2008 |  6:20 am

Above left, looks like the sailors of the Great White Fleet left with a 19-year-old souvenir of Los Angeles. Her name is Olga Isle and she's being sent back home after her cruise.

Above, L.K. Lessley of Sierra Madre is accused of poisoning four horses belonging to Kay Takeoka in an attempt to get a contract for hauling hay. Lessley denies the charges, but admits buying strychnine. The horses nearly destroyed the barn in their death agonies from strychnine and the barn is surrounded by dead mice that ate the poisoned feed, The Times says.

At a meeting of the state Audubon Society, members call for the eradication of the English sparrow and starling, which are driving out songbirds.

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