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Mystery photo--answered!

April 24, 2008 |  9:30 am

OK, here's another picture of our mystery woman. Surely someone will recognize her sooner or later.

Patricia Blair? (Rotter). Absolutely right. This is Patricia Blake (a.k.a. Patricia Blair). She was photographed with Marlon Brando in November 1955 at the Ambassador, where they attended a charity dance. Congratulations! That's was a tough one!   


How about now?


OK, who are they? (Update: Hint -- she's still alive, as far as I can tell. And you can find her on imdb).

Update No. 2: Look, folks, at least try to guess who this is instead of picking random names of 1950s starlets -- there were hundreds of actresses who did an episode of "Wagon Train" or "Have Gun, Will Travel" and vanished. This woman looks nothing at all like Vera Miles or Marian Seldes, let alone Virginia Mayo! I mean please

  • Marlon Brando (Rob Case). That's right. He's the easy one.
  • Barbara "Bride of the Gorilla" Payton? Alas, no.
  • Grace "Mogambo" Kelly? Sorry, no.
  • Anita "Brute Force" Colby? I'm afraid not.
  • Ursula "Monsoon" Thiess? Interesting guess. But no.
  • Peggy "The Bad and the Beautiful" King? Alas, no.
  • Jean "Viva Zapata!" Peters? Sorry, no.
  • Nina "Cry of the Werewolf" Foch? Interesting guess. But no.
  • Mary "Wild One" Murphy? Good guess. But no.
  • Rosanna "Hell Canyon Outlaws" Rory? Sorry, no.
  • Sondra "Peter Pan" Lee? Interesting guess. But no.
  • Hazel "Devil Girl From Mars" Court? Alas, no.
  • A Gabor sister? Sorry, no.
  • Ursula Andress? I'm afraid not.
  • Jocelyn Brando, Frances Brando, Anna Kashfi? Sorry, no.
  • Charlotte "Gorilla at Large" Austin? Unfortunately not.
  • Allison "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" Hayes? A big no on that one.
  • Peggy "Yellow Tomahawk" Castle? Sorry, no.
  • Nancy "No Man's Woman" Gates? Alas, no.
  • Karen "Man Crazy" Steele? I'm afraid not.
  • Lizabeth "Stolen Face" Scott? No, sorry.
  • Kim "Seance on a Wet Afternoon" Stanley? No, alas.
  • Martha "Abbott and Costello Go to Mars" Hyer? I'm afraid not.
  • Dora "French Can Can" Doll? Mais non.
  • Mara "Prehistoric Women" Lynn? Sorry, no. Remember, the mystery woman is still alive.
  • Coleen "Kiss of Death" Gray? Alas, no.
  • Phyllis "Ruby Gentry" Avery? I'm afraid not.
  • Virginia "Best Years of Our Lives" Mayo? Sorry, no.
  • Marian "M Squad" Seldes? Sorry no.
  • Patrice "I'll See You in My Dreams" Wymore? No, sorry.
  • Vera "For Men Only" Miles? No, alas.
  • Dolores "Underworld U.S.A." Dorn? Sorry.
  • Angela "Tenth Avenue Angel" Lansbury? (Does this lady look at all like Angela Lansbury to you?) Not!
  • Rhonda "Odongo" Fleming? (Does this lady look remotely like Rhonda Fleming?) Not!
  • June "Timber Queen" Havoc? No, alas.
  • Kathryn "The Vanishing Virginian" Grayson? C'mon! Kathryn Grayson was a brunette! No.
  • Mala "Rose of Cimarron" Powers? Uh, Mala Powers was a brunette. No.

OK, here she is again. And who's he? Note the heavy retouching. Back in its day, this was considered "an art."

  • George "Tonga Tika" Fenneman? Sorry, no. And who's the mystery woman?
  • Dennis "Getting Gertie's Garter" O'Keefe? (Alexa Foreman). Absolutely right!

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