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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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April 4, 1938


Above, the "Laugh Dictators." Who says politics doesn't influence the arts? Below, what's being said from the pulpit about the plight of Europe.

  • Episcopalian: "In Germany, Hitler has attempted to dominate even religion, which means not only the unfortunate suppression of the Jews but the persecution of Catholic and Protestant.... The hope of democracy  lies largely in the continuation of a free pulpit and a free press."
  • Memorial Christian: "America is marching down the road to dictatorship.... One by one the fundamental liberties of our people are being filched from us by a group of clever idealists who are willing to trade the people for a mess of pottage."
  • Methodist: "Once again Nazi ruthlessness has taken its toll from the brilliant leaders of a great city -- this time Vienna....  To this race [Jews], in the spirit of him who was the greatest Jew of all, we extend our sympathy. To this race, America reaches out her arms in love and pity, offering refuge and sanctuary."
  • Unitarian: "Never were so many thoughtful persons working on international problems as today. This is a time for hope, not despair."

And check out the Southwest Museum's woody!


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