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April 4, 1908

April 4, 2008 |  6:52 am

Above, Opening Day in the Pacific Coast League. Below, a bitter legal battle in which a woman is seeking a court order barring her husband and his adopted children from selling any of their real estate because she would receive a share of the property upon her husband's death. Jennie E. Clopton charges that her stepchildren, Pearle and Hugh, have conspired to break up the family since she married their adoptive father, Col. Hoggatt Clopton, two years ago. What's more, they are of mixed race! "Mrs. Clopton declares that the two adopted children,  whom she detested on account of the Negro blood,  started out to break up the family, and used many means to accomplish that end," The Times says ... S. Ito is accused of killing a Japanese American named Higashi in a Guadalupe poolroom. "There does not seem to be much evidence to show that a murder took place or that the prisoner committed the crime, but he is being held while the district attorney's office tries to gather some," The Times says ... And lots of remedies for whatever is ailing men ... Plus the great Fer-Don is giving away the Fer-Don family medicine chest. 


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