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April 3, 1908

April 3, 2008 |  7:25 am

Above, Sunset Magazine urges readers to send copies to their friends back East. Presumably it worked more often than not. Below, a tragic accident between two streetcars in heavy fog leaves a carload of oilfield workers injured and at least two dead ... A house painter suffers a heart attack on the roof of a two-story home at 2673 Vermont and goes home to die ... A trainload of 10,000 boxes of oranges is leaving for Iowa ... A speaker who is a last-minute replacement for the postmaster will give a talk at the YWCA on "The Ostrich, Its Eggs and Feathers." Don't worry: The big birds from the Cawston farm in South Pasadena will be in strong cages, and each young lady will receive a small memento ... A wealthy Louisiana farmer tries to kill himself in St. Louis because he can't decide which of four widows, including a local woman, he should marry ... Plans for a dance at a school out toward Calabasas are scuttled because of rules that the desks can't be moved. Some locals are pleased because they think dancing is immoral.


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