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April 26, 1908

April 26, 2008 |  7:54 am


Meet an earnest young scientist named Fred Horowitz, who received a wireless message sent from across the city, a newsworthy achievement in 1908. The other young Edison is Mars Baumgardt, whom you may recall from a previous post on the 1947project as the inventor of a radio-controlled boat.* 

Sadly, Fred was badly injured the next month in another experiment. While trying to launch a kite by trailing it from his bicycle, he was hit by a car near Huntington Boulevard and Alhambra Road, The Times said. He suffered a concussion and a broken leg. Unfortunately, The Times never reported further on his adventures with radio. He was the son of Moses Horowitz, a merchant. 922 W. 1st St.

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* The 1947project website seems to be broken and my friends have moved on to their Bunker Hill project, so rather than redo the post, I've published a draft version I wrote in 2006.