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April 23, 1958

April 23, 2008 | 11:13 am

Above, Bunker Hill as envisioned, with 5th Street and Figueroa in the upper left corner.

Below, Bunker Hill, as grabbed from Google Earth, with 5th and Figueroa in the upper left corner. Note how much the two images resemble one another. I'm sure someone more adept than I can figure out how to make the 1958 map an overlay on Google Earth. I can't quite swing it.



Along with a follow-up story on the crash of a United Air Lines DC-7 and an Air Force F-100F Super Sabre over Nevada, note that a TWA Super Constellation made an emergency landing after one of the engines caught fire. Over lunch recently with my good friend and former colleague Eric Malnic, we began talking about why there haven't been any major aviation disasters in recent years. Eric, who covered air crashes for The Times, thought it would make an interesting story and attributed the long, safe stretch to better inspections, more automation and fewer moving parts. Eric's the expert, not I, but it was an interesting thought ... And the Dodgers beat the Cubs.



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