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April 2, 1938

April 2, 2008 |  7:33 am


Above, Joseph Greenwald, who played Nick Papadakis in the original Broadway production of "The Postman Always Rings Twice," dies on stage. Below, the Vatican condemns Austrian bishops'  endorsement of the union with Germany because they didn't get the pope's permission. "This is the sort of Catholicism that is condemned by all good Catholics," a Vatican radio broadcast says ... The Vatican also reports that 50 monks were slain by Spanish loyalists at a monastery in Catalonia.  [Note: Today's full page is especially blurry and I can't seem to correct it--lrh]

Quote of the Day: "The unmarried, childless woman of the of the 'individualist type' can hardly hope to escape functional derangements somewhere in her system. She never abandons hope for marriage and children" --Dr. Russell L. Roles, on Depression-era unemployment that has prevented men from marrying, producing a generation of single women who are competing with "their younger sisters."


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