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April 13, 1908

April 13, 2008 |  7:22 am


Above, wouldn't it be fun to know what exactly is in Dr. Hoffman's Nerve Syrup? Below, the sad tale of a woman believed to be Mrs. W.I. Roberts, who died after collapsing in line at the Pacific Electric Depot, 6th Street and Main. Unfortunately, I can't find any further stories on whether she was conclusively identified ... The Times reports the death of Lt. C.A.L. Totten, who upset his colleagues on the Yale faculty by issuing predictions of such events as the Russo-Japanese War, the San Francisco earthquake (he was apparently correct on those two) and the end of the world (we're still waiting on that one) ... And be sure to see Los Angeles Hay Storage, 1620 E. 7th, for the finest in equine comestibles.


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