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April 11, 1958

April 11, 2008 |  7:58 am

Gosh, I don't remember "Viking Women and the Sea Serpent" coming to my neighborhood theater when I was a kid. And no, it's not on Netflix! "The Astounding She Monster" is not a title that leaves much to the imagination, is it? Below, new revelations about Johnny Stompanato and guess who shows up? It's our old pal from the Confidential magazine case, the ubiquitous Fred Otash ... Stompanato's family says he was a quiet, pleasant boy who was deeply in love with Lana Turner, and Beverly Hills Police Chief Clinton Anderson calls him a gigolo who took a woman for $2,800 ($20,405.57 USD 2007) ... On the jump, medical examiner Dr. Frederick Newbarr (yes, the same surgeon who performed Elizabeth Short's autopsy) says Stompanato had a congenital health condition that would have killed him at an early age.


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