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April 11, 1938

April 11, 2008 |  7:01 am

Above, someone had the wisdom to write a profile of Col. Charles J.W. Saunders even though there was no "news peg." It would be interesting to know more about him. The Times also ran a story in 1924 about his 50th wedding anniversary and noted that he had been a bugler for Gen. Philip Sheridan in the Civil War. You may be wondering how a bugler attained the rank of colonel. So am I. According to the 1924 story, Saunders was a captain in the California Rangers. Below, defense attorneys for Police Capt. Earle Kynette go to San Diego to investigate bombing victim Harry Raymond's career as chief of the San Diego Police Department ... A terrific story about Charles Mackay, a struggling actor who found an Academy Award wrapped in a sweater in a closet at his hotel. The Oscar had been awarded to Pierre Collings, a previous hotel tenant who died in poverty, for the 1936 film "Louis Pasteur." Note the byline: James Bassett Jr., the author of "Harm's Way" and campaign aide to Richard Nixon who eventually retired as Times associate editor.

Quote of the Day: "Charles Mackay has given up the notion of becoming an actor. All he wants is a job. Because he won't write home to tell his dad he failed." --James E. Bassett Jr., on the story of Pierre Collings' Oscar*


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* Note: Imdb says that Collings won two Oscars for "Louis Pasteur," one for best screenplay and another for best original story. What became of the other one is another Hollywood mystery.