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Matt Weinstock

March 7, 2008 |  8:09 pm

March 7, 1958

Matt_weinstockd Another citizen is resentful because police came and got him at 2 a.m. on a warrant for an unanswered parking violation.

Eventually, after the long ride to City Jail, the processing and waiting, a neighbor put up the $25 bail and he was released.

At first he was hollering "Gestapo!" but he has cooled off some. After all, he did ignore the ticket and the subsequent warning.

BUT HE STILL doesn't think he's quite a criminal--it was his first ticket--and he has a suggestion.

He thinks parking tickets, even when they go to warrant, might more efficiently be handled by letter and serve the same corrective purpose.

For instance, if a ticket were ignored for 30 days the offender would be notified by mail that his fine had 1958_0307_moviesbeen doubled. If he didn't respond to that, OK, let the gendarmes wake him. But under this procedure our undermanned police force detailed to the dawn patrol might be released for more important duty.

LIKE MANY freelance writers, Sparks Stringer works mostly at home and wears comfortable clothes.

The other day, wearing old dungarees, a faded shirt and needing a shave, he went into a Beverly Hills store. The manager rushed over with such attentive cordiality that Sparks, puzzled, asked why he, in shabby clothes, should get the A treatment.

"Here in Beverly Hills," the manager said, "when someone dressed as you are comes in we figure he's too important to care about his appearance and we give him special attention. Men in $300 suits and women in mink we take for granted."

SO YOU DON'T believe the stars can influence people's lives? Some people do, among them writer Sydney Omarr, who insists astrology is an authentic science.

Syd was interviewed on Ben Hunter's early morning KFI program and when Ben said he was going to Santa Anita that day Syd suggested a test based on a chapter titled "How to Pick Winners" in his book  "Thought Dial," due out next month.

First determining Ben's planetary symbol, Syd asked him to concentrate on going to the cashier's window after a race and collecting money, then to pick horses based on a numerical sequence whose  names reminded him of the sun.

Ben bet a horse across the board in each of six races and all six finished in the money.

SUCH IS THE maze of No Left Turn, No Right Turn and One Way signs, it's virtually impossible to get on or off Crescent Heights Hill north of Sunset Boulevard. Even hill residents who know their way around are complaining.

To make matters worse, the Keep Right sign at Hollywood Boulevard and Laurel Canyon Boulevard has been knocked down half a dozen times lately by baffled motorists. And so a gal named Kendis is urging the hill people to rise and demand the city padres to create a new post, Keeper of the  Keep Right signs.

AT RANDOM -- A restaurant at Huntington Drive and Garfield has a sign, "About the birds and the bees--birds are bigger" ... It's a mixed-up world. A departing friend remarked to Ralph Portnor, "Wonder if I'll be late on time again" ... Nat Cole was touched by a phone call from W.C. Handy in New York congratulating him on the film "St. Louis Blues" to be released in April. "It's one of the finest pictures I've ever seen," he said. Handy is blind ... The dictionary can be mighty frustrating at times. For instance, the word expedient is defined, "That which is expedient" ... A headline stated "Slump Over, Official Says." To which Raul Rodriguez caught himself retorting, "What for? Another kick in the pants?"