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March 8, 1908


Above, meet Margaret Deland and take a look at some of the things she says: Divorce is selfish, it's socially criminal to bring a child into the world that can't be properly cared for, and she opposes women's suffrage because it would extend voting rights to uneducated women. To see a women advance some of these views comes as a shock, I must say. Below, political coverage by a staunchly Republican paper.


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The GOP of 1908.

800 well-to-do white men gathered together on long cloth covered bench tables to eat, talk business and politics while maybe listening to political speeches and oratory. No women and no, errr, men of "color" in the picture. Unless they were tending to the banquet or back in the kitchen.

Women couldn't vote in 1908, so they need not be at this Republican gathering, right? Men of "color" did have the legal right to vote (15th Amendment to the Constitution) ...but not really.

In March, 1908, William Howard Taft was already tapped as the 1908 Republican Candidate for President. Interesting, considering the Convention was still months away.

I can't see how a bunch of full grown and (I assume) financially successful men would want to go to something like that. I'm betting half of them couldn't stand each other's company.

Maybe a few "ladies of the night" are outside nearby.

Compare the newpaper photo to the picture of the 1932 newsboy christmas banquet ( ). The circumstances were somewhat different in 1932. In that year, people would be happy to sit at long bench tables and get any kind of meal, but I don't think anybody would have anything nice to say about the GOP or the Republican President.


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