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March 28, 1938

March 28, 2008 |  8:24 am


Above, five-suit bridge. Hard to imagine, but there it is, introducing eagles as the new suit. Below, Austrian Catholic leaders embrace Nazism ... Minnesota granite is being installed on the Federal Building ... Film director David "Pecados de Amor" Kirkland is freed from a Mexican jail after "killing a drunken Indian with his automobile," The Times says. Kirkland gives the man's widow 300 pesos.

Quote of the Day: "We gladly acknowledge that the National Socialist movement has achieved and is achieving outstanding results in the sphere of national and economic reconstruction as well as in social welfare--especially for the most needy section of the populace. We are also convinced that through the efforts of the National Socialist movement the menace of all-destroying godless Bolshevism was averted. The bishops give their sincerest blessings to these efforts in time to come and will also advise the faithful in this spirit. On the day of the plebiscite it will be for us bishops a self-evident national duty to declare our loyalty as Germans to the German reich (nation) and we expect all faithful Christians that they know what they owe to their people." --Theodore Cardinal Innitzer and the bishops of Austria


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