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March 27, 1938

March 27, 2008 |  8:50 am

Above, Gail Patrick , who was later a producer on "Perry Mason" ...  Below, Field Marshal Hermann Goering says all Jews must leave Austria ... Dr. J. Leon Lazarowitz, head of the Rambling Hoboes of America Union, wants to come to Los Angeles for Passover but is afraid he'll be arrested as a vagrant ... The stock market is falling like a rock ... Rep. Martin Dies (D-Texas) suggests sending German and Austrian refugees to Paraguay so that the U.S. won't be "flooded by the persecuted and jobless of Europe" ... And the state orders the quarantine of dogs and cats to halt the spread of rabies.

Quote of the Day: "Vienna is not a German city because 300,000 Jews live here. Vienna must become German again. The Jew must know we do not care to live with him. He must go." --Field Marshal Hermann Goering


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