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March 23, 1908

March 23, 2008 |  5:41 am


Above, an exhausted mother kills herself ... Below,  Bishop Conaty dedicates St. Patrick's Church at Central Avenue and 34th Street. According to the church's website, the Long Beach earthquake heavily damaged the building, which was eventually destroyed in the Sylmar quake. The congregation, unable to rebuild, met in the parish hall for many years until it finally raised the money to build a church, which was dedicated March 17, 2007 ... First, the Afro-American League protested to the City Council because John A. Rodgers wasn't hired by the Police Department even though the Civil Service Board deemed him eligible. Then the Forum, another group of local African Americans, responded, saying that the Afro-American League did not speak for all blacks in Los Angeles. Rodgers said he accepted being turned down as a police officer and added that he wanted no part of the Afro-American League's protest. These groups sound interesting. I wonder what else I can find out about them. 

March 23, 1908

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