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March 21, 1908

March 21, 2008 |  7:43 am

Above, baseball and ostriches. Below, the Rev. G.W. Woodbey, an African American minister described in The Times as a rabid radical, is convicted of speaking on a street corner without a license. Woodbey sounds like an interesting fellow and he appears in The Times on several occasions, but only in brief references that describe his troubles with the law and say nothing about his religious or social beliefs ...  Many streets in South Los Angeles are renamed as part of a council ordinance, producing mass confusion among residents ...  City Hall is overrun with rats ... A former Hearst cashier is on trial on charges embezzling from the Examiner.

Quote of the Day: "One day I got tired of my husband's threats to kill me and said I didn't think much of men anyway, so he made me get on my knees, while he held a loaded gun at my head, and apologize for my poor opinion of his sex." --Evaline Hobach, testifying in divorce court

March 21, 1908

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