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March 18, 1958

March 18, 2008 | 11:05 am

Clark Gable

Above, one of Clark Gable's lesser pictures is featured at a fund-raiser for the Press Club's 8-Ball Foundation. When the Mirror and Examiner closed in 1962, the foundation held a benefit to raise money for unemployed journalists. Below, a plane lands on the San Bernardino Freeway after running out of gas. No one is hurt and The Times runs a picture of a West Covina police officer interviewing pilot Roger A. Long. Recall that at this time, local police had jurisdiction over the freeways and not the California Highway Patrol ... Harry "Karl the Shoe Man" Karl is exonerated in the bizarre kidnapping of Marie "the Body" McDonald ... Inside, state highway engineers discover that guardrails on freeway medians drastically reduce head-on collisions--but barriers also raise the number of injury crashes.  It's incredible but true: The early Los Angeles freeways were built without the center dividers that we take for granted.

March 19, 1958

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