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Dear Abby

March 15, 2008 | 10:03 am

March 15, 1968


Dear On the Spot, Enjoy your sister, she won't be around forever but also find time to be with your daughter--you're not going to be around forever, either ... and what's with "elderly" in the headline! ... Dear Insulted, That depends on whether she's watching "Gomer Pyle" (no thanks) or "Star Trek" ("Bread and Circuses?"  Stardate 4040.7! I'll be right over) ... Dear Old Fashioned, Wait until she gets to college and moves in with him.

Fred Ahlert writes:

I used to work for Draper's from 1993-2001. That ad is the same style ad they were doing in the Times up until  2001! The grand-nephews of the founder sold their majority share to a conglomerate retailer after 80 years in business, so it  may cease to exist in the near future, but it cracks me up to see the same old ad today.