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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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U.S. launches rocket

Feb. 1, 1958
Los Angeles

Scientists--bruised by the Soviet success with Sputnik--celebrate the successful launch of Explorer ... The launch is a triumph for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Rocketdyne, The Times says. ... Worries about a television strike against NBC and ABC ... The president says the economy is just "catching its breath for a new advance." ...

Quotes of the day: "A few political Cassandras pop up regularly to suggest that deep depression is just around the corner and only panicky governmental intervention on a massive scale can stem disaster." President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

"He who lifts a fallen brother from the dust is greater than the hero that conquers the world." --"The Drunkard"



Click here to download the page: Download 1958_0201_cover.jpg

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