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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Streetcar wreck

Jan. 31, 1908
Los Angeles

What happens when a freight train hits a streetcar near what is now Cesar Chavez Avenue and the Los Angeles River.




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"Railway men have always dreaded this crossing. The buildings at either side shut off the view of an approaching freight, and it is said that the infrequency of trains on this track at night alone accounts for the lack of numerous collisions at this point."

It would be years before the construction of the L.A. River bridges would eliminate the railroad/streetcar grade crossings on both sides of the river at Macy/Brooklyn/Cesar Chavez and at other crossings. The L.A. River Bridges weren't just for the River, they were for the railroad lines on both sides of the river, too. The only exception is the Main Street/ L.A. River crossing.

--Hey thanks for sharing!



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