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Pacific Electric station


Regular reader Callbox Sam passes along a photo showing the Pacific Electric building on Hill Street. Hmm. This doesn't look like the drawing in the Feb. 28, 1908, Times. Aha! Note that the story says the 1908 station is only going to be a temporary facility until another terminal is built on the site of the Masonic Temple -- shown in this picture. So I would assume this station is just to the north of the current Subway Terminal Building.

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Great old photo! Actually the "Hill Street Station" shown there was south of the later Subway Terminal Building. The 3-story building to the left contained the Masonic Lodge and other tenants, and was at 431-437 S Hill. Where the PE station is, and to its right (north) was auto parking and then surface tracks for the PE cars serving such lines as the Venice Short Line (south on Hill to 16th st / Venice Blvd, then west). The 1925 Subway Terminal Building was to the north of that area, out of this picture to the right.

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