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Mystery photo

February 25, 2008 |  7:06 am

Photograph by Jack Gaunt / Los Angeles Times

OK, who's the blond with Mickey Cohen? (No, it's not Walter O'Malley).

  • Candy Barr? (Two people). Nope, Candy Barr looks like this. The Daily Mirror doesn't do reruns!
  • LaVonne Cohen? Sorry, no.
  • Virginia Hill? Sorry, no.
  • Cheryl Crane? Sorry, no.
  • Liz Renay? Sorry, no.
  • Sandy Hashagen? (Nathan Marsak). Absolutely. This is Claretta Hashagen, a.k.a. Sandra or Sandy Hagen. Where is she now? I cannot find a trace of her in The Times after the Mickey Cohen saga. 
Photograph by Nelson Tiffany / Los Angeles Times

Mickey Cohen, Sandra Hagen and attorney A.L. Wirin, in a photograph dated Dec. 2, 1960.

Photograph by Hugh Arnott / Los Angeles Times

Sandra Hagen and Mickey Cohen leave federal court after bail for Cohen was denied, in a photo dated Feb. 5, 1962.

Photograph by Larry Sharkey / Los Angeles Times

Sandra Hagen kisses Mickey Cohen on the cheek as he leaves County Jail in a photo dated Feb. 17, 1962.

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