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Feb. 8, 1908

February 7, 2008 | 10:48 pm



A brawl on a Hollywood ranch may be to blame for the death of William Schumaker, hit above the right ear with a lantern and booted in the head ... Empty streetcars heading back to the barn often speed through town, endangering pedestrians ... A streetcar on Temple lurches to a stop at Beaudry with such force that passengers are shoved against the front door, throwing one woman to the ground, where she is pinned by the door and cut by broken glass ...  A burglar is caught by a special officer ...  The Humane Society has been busy protecting the safety of working horses, mules and burros.  And prosecutors plan charges against railroad officials in a fatal crash between a freight train and a streetcar.

Three stories about problems with the streetcar system on one page--I'm beginning to notice a pattern.



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