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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Feb. 28, 1938


Paul Wright, found not guilty of killing his wife and best friend while they were doing something that couldn't be printed in The Times, walks out of jail and hopes to be a forgotten man ... World War I hero Gen John "Black Jack" Pershing lingers near death ... Note the lead story from Graz, Austria, where forces are trying to block a Nazi march to Vienna. As a reader pointed out, the police chief of Graz in this era was a fellow named Gustav Schwarzenegger.


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Constance Bennett was a beautiful woman and a solid actress (she's splendid in "Topper" and "Topper Takes A Trip"), but "Merrily We Live" was, simply put, a "My Man Godfrey" ripoff. (Incidentally, Bennett was initially considered for the female lead in "Godfrey," but William Powell really didn't want to work with her, believing her too high-strung, so he successfully lobbied for ex-wife Carole Lombard, whom he'd been on friendly terms with since their divorce in 1933.)


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